Prescription delivery service in Stockport

Sign up for our NHS Prescription Delivery Service at the Adswood Pharmacy today

Our Prescription Delivery Service comes in handy if you live with a chronic illness or disability or care for one who does or if you rely on prescription medication regularly. Even though NHS Prescriptions are normally affordable and sometimes free of charge, the process of picking up your prescription, taking it to the pharmacy, and paying for it can be tiresome if done regularly.

Adswood Pharmacy has now partnered with Royal Mail so that you can get your medication delivered via the Royal Mail tracked service. Inform the pharmacy that you would like to get your medication delivered via Royal Mail and our team will set this up for you.

Our special Prescription Delivery Service will enable you to get your medicines delivered to your home or workplace.

How our Prescription Delivery Service works at Adswood Pharmacy

You’ll first need to make sure your prescription comes to us by nominating our pharmacy. You can do this by downloading the Charac App and then selecting our pharmacy.  Once this is done, you can order your prescriptions through the App or by getting in touch with us here. If you need it delivered, you’ll just need to inform us in your enquiry.

How much does this service cost?

Adswood Pharmacy’s prescription delivery service is currently available on request. We may, however, charge an extra fee. It’s crucial that you contact us today to find out more. You will also need to pay for your prescription medicine if you do not get prescription free under the NHS.

Drop into Adswood Pharmacy today or get in touch with us for more information about this service. Our team of pharmacists are ready to handle any of your queries.

We are your pharmacy of choice, and we’d love to hear from you!

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